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The Blunt Truth Presents: DTF with Maggie and MJ Official Trailer

The official Trailer of The Blunt Truth presents: DTF with Maggie and MJ. A new web series based off of the stoner duo in the upcoming feature "The Blunt Truth."

Behind the Scenes Interviews with the Cast and Crew of DTF with Maggie and MJ

The Cast/Crew of 'The Blunt Truth presents DTF with Maggie and MJ answer a variety of questions weekly

BTS 360 Angles Each Day

Take a peek of each day of on set with us 360 degrees!

The Blunt Truth Teaser

The teaser for the feature, to give you a slight glimpse into what could be 'The Blunt Truth'

Where the Blunt Truth began...

Before the project began, the creator of the project, Becky was inspired by director Kevin Smith. In 2016, she was given the opportunity to go up on stage at one of his many Q&As and tell him about her journey and how he inspired her to create the 'Blunt Truth'.

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